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And thus in this framework it starts to appear feasible to drop a few of the assumptions that are old intercourse.

Friday, May 21st, 2021

My partner frequently has what she defines as energy sexual climaxes in most elements of her human anatomy – frequently in her own straight back. We interpret this since the power of intercourse (plus the universal concept, anything you call it, or nevertheless you define it) moving easily around her human anatomy. This basically means, although we require love, love for every single other and love for the world, our significance of intercourse is just a manifestation of this requirement for love.

Intercourse could be merely a rather human being means of expressing love. It is instructive to attempt to move right back from intercourse as a method to scrape the itch of libido, and rather start thinking about exactly just exactly how sex we can speak to the universal power that lies behind every thing within the world. (more…)