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Non payday advances for woeful credit

Monday, April 19th, 2021

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Loan solutions ditect are really a scamming bunch that is dirty.

Friday, April 2nd, 2021

Remain well away from them, i recently made mistake that is huge spending 70 lb then 200 to get absolutely absolutely nothing. I informed them We had been calling the authorities they just place the phone down.

Hi is this ameria quest loan solution. We used and received a contact them and they told me I was approved with for a ВЈ8000 loan with 4 ways to get it get: a co signer, put my car on collateral, pay first 3 months, or purchase insurance from them so I called.

I’ve also been scammed with company called Direct Loans. We made the mistake of having to pay an upfront charge of ВЈ79.95 to set up that loan which never materialised. It is actually disgusting the way they victimize susceptible people.

Hi, we requested that loan that we never ever got. I place my bank details in and also at the final end from it, it stated they desired ВЈ79 and also to place my card number in therefore I did not bother. (more…)