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He set their profile as bi together with many communications with partners and males

Monday, January 25th, 2021

I felt he had been an opertunist perthereforenally i think so lost the pain sensation is enormous I’ve spent 13 years with this specific guy he raised my 4 young ones & we have now 3 grandchildren in 2013 worst ever is I found this crap out right after miscarring our 2nd baby ‘m so shocked confused heartbroken so many emotions I feel so alone & have no one to talk to about this its so embarrassing Poisoned its been awhile since you posted but if you see my reply maybe you would like to talk maybe we can help each other to move on in this process that we never signed up for ugh it would just be great to have someone to relate to you can email me K that he adores as if they were his real blood I also paid $7000 to have my tubes reversed to have a baby with him