The highest organ in APOP’s organizational set-up is the General Assembly (GA) and the next principal organ is the Executive committee. The role of the executive committee (EC) is to determine the organization’s mission and purpose; ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability. The EC is also in charge of ensuring effective organizational planning, monitoring, and strengthen the organization’s programs and services, providing proper financial oversight and enhancing the organization’s public standing.

The role of the Executive Director, as chief executive of the organization, on the other hand is to plan, organize, direct,  coordinate and control overall functions of APOP and facilitates enabling environment for all functional organs at head office and program levels.

Ensuring participatory management at all levels and creating a workforce that has a sense of belonging, shared vision, and high team spirit is expected from the management by creating;

  • Effective coordination among functional organs;
  • Participatory planning and review exercise;
  • Multi-stakeholder review and reflection;  
  • Effective communication/information sharing and reporting;
  • Enforcement and follow up of decisions (review meeting);
  • Ensure effective donor handling and contract enforcement and, 
  • Enforce efficient and effective MIS system.