Accountability & Values

APOP Accountability and Values


As an organization working with various communities in different parts of Uganda, as well as different demographics, APOP aims to be an exemplary institution committed to transparency and accountability in delivering our work,.


We ensure maximum respect, care and concern for special interest people such as the elderly and disabled, taking care of their needs in our engagements. APOP also ensures maximum responsibility towards the needs of our staff and stakeholders.


In delivering our mandate and ensuring the highest benefit for our staff, communities, stakeholders and donors, we emphasize the following:


·       Equality and inclusiveness of all people

·       Transparent implementation and engagements

·       Ensuring environmental responsibility

·       Respect for the laws and pro-activity with recognized community or local leaders


We recognize that we do not operate in a perfect and first rate country where everything is expected to run smoothly, but we pledge to hold responsible office bearers accountable in ensuring that local communities and people benefit from what is due them.


We also pledge unceasing advocacy for the improvement of the conditions of our communities as well as advocating for better policies where they lack, and proper implementation where they exist.