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Fighting the Expat Blues: 5 strategies for Expat spouses Abroad

Thursday, December 19th, 2019

Certain, perhaps maybe perhaps not working may appear like a fairly good gig, yet not for everybody. Alicia, a Canadian-American, states that “it’s difficult to think that a few weeks ago I happened to be tangled up in life and death decisions for a day-to-day basis as the neurosurgical supervisor for a bustling Seattle medical center.” Now her “most thought-provoking decision” for the as an expat wife in China is: “chicken, beef, or pork for supper? (more…)

Pierce Brosnan: It’s very not likely he provides a crap just exactly what white supremacists think about his wedding

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

They’re always on the lookout for dire new threats to the white race, and regular DS contributor Michael Byron thinks he’s found one: Pierce Brosnan’s wife over on The Daily Stormer.

The thing is that, the 53-year wife that is old of 64-year old previous James Bond celebrity is, well, fat. And Byron seems to feel it is a terrible injustice not in order to Mr. Brosnan but into the white competition as a whole, even though 1) Mr. Brosnan along with his spouse appear completely delighted together and 2) it is most likely that many day-to-day Stormer readers are by themselves fat, considering that many white Us citizens (like most Americans generally speaking) are theoretically obese.

As Byron sees it, though, Keely Shaye Smith really pulled down a bait-and-switch.

This girl was able to snag a handsome, famous multi-millionaire star when she had been an unknown ecological correspondent for ABC straight back within the mid-1990s. …

Every day after marrying Brosnan in 2001, there was one thing – one thing – she needed to do to remain attractive and presentable to her husband and the public: not stuff her face with twinkies.

Could it be done by her?

No; apparently that will require way too much self-discipline.

Byron, who appears perplexed that Brosnan hasn’t currently divorced “Shamu,” believes he must have placed one thing within their pre-nup to safeguard himself from the terrible injustice of their spouse weight that is gaining. (more…)