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Originally Posted by rmbettencourt I also think that the term racist is often misused.

Monday, October 29th, 2018

A newborn baby is not racist, It doesnt know it is human or where it was born, I suppose that the babies growing into adults integrate information from their environment that in some cases misleads them to judge other humans based on the arbitrary and superficial parameter of skin pigmentation. To me it has the tone of all that 19th century purity of races nonsense. We. are. all. racist. in one way or many ways.

This use of pseudo-technical descriptions for people in ordinary social settings seems inappropriate. Originally Posted by Lynx_Fox Originally Posted by grmpysmrf Originally Posted by Lynx_Fox Originally Posted by SowZ37 It is legal for an owner of a basketball team to be fired, just like a CEO can be forced out by the board.. You used the same term again! Reinforcing the problems I was already having.

The same thing goes for most countries I know about. Fine, would using cognoid be better? (more…)