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The High 5 Myths about Meditation

Monday, October 22nd, 2018

The High 5 Myths about Meditation

In simple fact, I actually have savored a reliable meditation exercise for additional than 20 years now, and that i realize it tremendously effective for cultivating awareness and mindfulness, cutting down reactivity, and sharpening my concentration and productivity. But, just like lots of helpful practices that end up widely prominent, it is also a target of its very own successes. There exist a good deal of misconceptions about meditation-and some of these fallacies are roadblocks which may be halting you from starting off your individual apply (or sticking with it) and reaping its most benefits.

Read on for the major five myths about meditation to prevent believing currently and for info which i hope will promote you to definitely consider it for the first of all time, or revisit the exercise once again.

Why Are There plenty of Myths about Meditation? And What exactly Is Meditation?

In a good number of methods, a meditation practice is considered the antithesis of recent living. (more…)