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PS: Oh my gosh! Just exactly How did he respond?

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

He had been good about this. Did not state any such thing. We went after I got to freshen up at it again a bit later. Also it simply occurred. It had been my time that is first i possibly couldn’t get a handle on it.

PS: Makes sense — i have heard that isn’t unusual. Had been you embarrassed?

PS: i am happy he had been understanding. Let me know more info on the big penis fetish and how which could correlate together with your micropenis.

I simply actually like my dudes to be hung. I assume you are able to phone me personally a size queen. My guy that is current is, and it’s really the main reason we began dating (not too that’s all of that issues). When it comes to my micropenis, i am maybe maybe maybe not especially switched on by a more impressive man as a result of my little size. I do believe he enjoys that far more. It’s ego-boosting for him.

PS: just what exactly does turn you on about any of it?

I am switched on by big c*cks for exactly just just how effective they have been, just how hefty they feel (literally, it feels as though you are holding an infant… Well not quite), how gay sex chat silky and smooth they have. My present man’s c*ckhead is larger than my whole product, and I also such as the proven fact that despite devoid of one myself, we still have to feel and have fun with a d*ck that is powerful.

PS: would you imagine that it is yours, or can you just as the feel of somebody else’s big penis?

The feel of another person’s. As he sets their d*ck on mine, as an example, it truly turns me on to see my d*ck get totally dwarfed by their. I am perhaps perhaps maybe not getting switched on by exactly exactly how little I am, but by how large he’s. And for him, the truth that I do not get hard turns him in.

PS: therefore it is type of this awe element?

Yes, absolutely. And I think it’s an ego thing for him. (more…)