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I think of the amazing speech Cat Grant gives Kara at the end of Supergirl S2 when I think of Charlotte:

Thursday, September 17th, 2020

See, the plain thing which makes females strong is we possess the guts to be susceptible. We possess the capability to have the depths of y our feeling, and now we understand though it to the other side that we will walk.

That is the way I experience Charlotte, which is why she is now this kind of crucial character to me personally. She and I also are completely each person. Charlotte is just a right WASP. I’m a black colored first-generation queer girl. But we’re similar for the reason that we have been both Pollyannas whom rely on love.

Among the things we find when I speak to my buddies about love is that people all find ourselves dealing with exactly how we have experienced to harden ourselves because “men will hurt you” and “you can’t expect anything” while also doubting the reality that we do, in lots of ways, want companionship. (more…)