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#5. The Inverted Elevator. Also called: The ‘Standing 69’ or ‘Pisces’.

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020


This really is an advanced level strategy and is just actually feasible if either you might be very good, or your lover is quite petite. It is simply the ‘Sixty Nine’ position with you standing. The essential direct solution to transfer to this place is choose the lady up around her waistline and twist her round. Instead, have her stand for a seat, settee or sleep while you face her. You grab her around her waistline as she rotates right into a downwards dealing with position. By wrapping your hands around her middle, you need to have the ability to easily help her. You are given by her a blowjob in this inverted position while you get down on her behalf.


  • Not everybody is strong adequate to test this! Try not to cause your self a relative right right back injury. If in doubt, decide to decide to decide to try the ‘Crouching Tiger’ position. It is really a less strenuous, safer form of the exact same place.
  • In the event your girl hasn’t tried this before, she may get the bloodstream rushing to her mind disorientating.
  • There was a risk of dropping your lover while trying this place. Standing in the front of the sleep or settee is a sensible precaution.

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