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Casual intercourse buddy. My Best Gay and Bi Friends Are Friends With Benefits

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

Writer Zachary Zane states physical relationships have actually assisted him form closer ones that are emotional.

Whenever I find you attractive, I would like to rest with you. It’s that simple, and I’m fairly confident I’m maybe maybe not the actual only real queer man whom seems in this manner. We find plenty of guys appealing, and that’s why We frequently like to rest with numerous, numerous dudes. This might be totally fine the theory is that. Actually? Not really much.

We reside in a sex-negative culture. Due to this, many of us sleep that is don’t. Why? Because we don’t wish to be slut-shamed by other people, but a lot more therefore, by ourselves. We believe that there needs to be something amiss with us whenever we have intercourse by having a large amount of differing people. (more…)

Jonathan Todd Jackson Faced With Felonies For Attempting To Extort Former BFF Kevin Hart Over Sex Tape

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

This can be such a messy situation!

Who’s Jonathan Todd Jackson? He ended up being mentioned when you look at the brand new Netflix limited show, Kevin Hart: do not F**k This Up. And it also don’t just take really miss fans to understand which he had been Hart’s previous BFF and attempted extortionist.

Issue on every person’s thoughts are: exactly just exactly how did Kevin Hart’s previous closest friend and co-star become his attempted extortionist? He appeared to own it all: a great job, close friends within the activity industry, solid connections, and the possibility at actually having a life that is good. So just how — and why — did he blow all of it?

Let us check what we realize about Jonathan Todd Jackson.

1. That is Jonathan Todd Jackson? He is an actor that has a pretty steady job.