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‘Friends’ is switching 25. Here you will find the 15 most useful episodes in globe.

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

9. “The One With Unagi” (Season 6, episode 17)

If Phoebe and Rachel possessed more Unagi, they mightnot have been therefore shaken by Ross’ jump scare.


Any die-hard buddies fan understands that “One should have total understanding to protect oneself, ” or Ross’ secret weapon, Unagi, that he garnered over many years of karate classes. In real early-aughts fashion, Phoebe effectively rocks a bandana as Ross tests her and Rachel in a few cringeworthy attacks that are fake. This list may as well be called “David Schwimmer provided 110% work to Ross’ most unhinged moments. ”

8. “The One Where Ross is” that is fineSeason 10, episode 2)

See? He is tooootally fine. Maybe perhaps Not troubled by Joey and Rachel’s relationship at all.


In a plot line that appears like a strange Hail Mary from an universe that is alternate Ross kisses Charlie, Joey’s ex-girlfriend, and Joey kisses Rachel, Ross’s ex-girlfriend. Chaos ensues as Ross, whom insists he’s “fine, ” invites one other brand new couple over for the dual date. Ross is really so clearly bugged by Joey and Rachel’s coupling which he gets too drunk off their own batch of margaritas and provides a toast that is unforgettable similar to Nat King Cole’s “L-O-V-E. (more…)