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Friday, April 3rd, 2020

A marriage time is filled with various thoughts, it’s the time of the latest beginnings and life that is new. Every country possesses its own traditions that they respect and appreciate in a higher level, and now we moroccan women for marriage made a decision to share some ceremonies throughout the event of Kazakh weddings.

The Kazakh that is traditional wedding a few actions and incredibly important procedures: Syrga salu, KyzUzatu, NekeQiyu,Betashar. These activities are celebrated noisily and final times, and sometimes even days. Kazakhs are hospitable country, who like welcoming large number of visitors sharing their perhaps one of the most essential activities with family members and buddies, which left memories for decades in the future.

The ceremony that is first after acquainting the bride using the groom’s parents, is “Syrga Salu”, if the fiance’s mother wears earrings towards the future daughter-in-law. This procedure demonstrates that the bride changes her social status. Additionally, groom’s moms and dads make presents for bride’s parents and her close family relations, primarily golden jewelries, watches, coats and so forth. This will depend from the status that is financial their kindness and generosity.

The next move is the party of “Kyz Uzatu”, whenever bride’s parents say goodbye tothe daughter and deliver her to groom’s family members. KyzUzatu can also be understood asbride’s wedding, her moms and dads’ inviteguests and 5-7 in-laws, who possess fun, state greetings and desires a couple that is newly-married the best.

The bride, generally in most instances, wears the gown embellished with Kazakh conventional ornaments and aheaddress, called “Saukele”. Based on customized, the bride is dressed up in a marriage dress at her father’s home, and Saukeleis placed on the bride with a respectable girl. (more…)